Boat and catamaran rental

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Boat and catamaran rental

Discovering the Nautical World: Yacht Charter, Catamaran Events and Luxury Yachts

1. Recreational Boat Rental

Recreational Boat Hire opens the door to exciting adventures at sea. These boats are ideal for groups and clients looking for unique experiences, be it an excursion, a private tour or a special celebration. Here we will explore the essential features of this exciting option:

Variety of Vessels

From majestic sailing yachts to smaller, cosier boats, recreational yacht charter offers a wide range of options. These boats are usually accompanied by skipper and crew, ensuring a safe and relaxing experience on the water.

Personalised Experiences

Each excursion can be tailored to the client’s preferences. Some boats are equipped with sundecks, cabins, inflatables and more, providing ample space for fun and relaxation. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a lively party, the sea is ready to be explored your way.

Special Celebrations

Recreational boat hire is perfect for birthday celebrations, stag and hen parties or just a fun day out with friends and family. Sailing in crystal clear waters and exploring hidden coves creates unforgettable memories.

2. Organisation of Catamaran Events

Catamarans, with their ample space and exceptional amenities, are the perfect setting for organising nautical events that will leave a lasting impression. This section focuses on the exciting possibility of creating customisable events for both individuals and companies on these large vessels.

diaphanous Spaces for Events

Catamarans offer diaphanous spaces that lend themselves wonderfully to the organisation of events. From weddings and christenings to corporate parties and boat parties, these boats offer the versatility to make any event special.

Services and Entertainment

Catamarans are usually equipped with high quality sound equipment, beverage bars, catering and entertainment options such as live deejays. This ensures that every event is a complete success.

Events for All

These boats are ideal for any group looking to organise an event at sea, be it the LGTBI community, fallero groups, retirees wishing to celebrate life, university students, travel agencies wishing to offer unique experiences, school children on end-of-year trips or Erasmus students looking for adventure on the high seas.

3. Luxury Yacht rental

At the pinnacle of nautical luxury are the Luxury Yachts. These vessels offer a level of opulence and personalisation that exceeds all expectations, and the client sets the limits.

Exclusive Destinations

Luxury Yachts not only offer an experience at sea, but also give you the opportunity to explore exclusive destinations around the world. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, these yachts will take you to dream places that only a few have the privilege of knowing.

Unrivalled Luxury and Comfort

The opulence of Luxury Yachts is unparalleled. With spacious cabins, elegant living areas and high quality personalised service, you’ll feel like a true VIP on the high seas. Every detail has been designed with the customer’s comfort and pleasure in mind.

Personalised Events to the Maximum

There are no limits to the personalisation of luxury yachts. From the decoration to the menu, every detail can be adapted to meet the dreams and wishes of the client. Have you always dreamt of a desert island wedding or a product launch party in the middle of the ocean? Luxury yachts make these visions come true.

4. Organised Excursions and Tours

Not everyone has to rent a complete boat to enjoy the charm of the sea. For those looking for shorter but equally exciting experiences, we offer a variety of exciting excursions and organised tours. In this section, we will explore the options available to those wishing to join collective sailing adventures:

Party Boat with Deejay

Would you like to spend a day full of fun, music and dancing on the high seas? Our Boat Party with Deejay is the answer. Join other sea lovers and enjoy a unique experience. Dance under the sun and the stars while the deejay mixes your favourite tracks It is a perfect experience for groups of friends looking for a day full of energy and music.

Coastal Tours

For those who wish to explore the beauty of the coast from a unique perspective, we offer Coastal Tours. Sail past breathtaking cliffs, discover hidden coves and admire marine life in all its splendour as you cruise through crystal clear waters. This is an ideal opportunity for nature and photography lovers.

Walks with Food and Bath

How about a leisurely stroll that combines the best of gastronomy and the ocean? Join our Lunch and Swim Tour and enjoy delicious meals on board while you take a break for a swim in crystal clear waters. This experience is perfect for those who wish to relax and enjoy local cuisine in a unique setting.

Nautical Experiences for All

Our excursions and tours are designed to suit a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or family, you’ll find a nautical experience to suit you. From the adrenaline rush of a boat party to the serenity of a seaside stroll, the sea has something for everyone.

A Large Fleet at your Service

With our large fleet of vessels, we have the capacity to adapt to the needs of each client. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway on a private sailing yacht or a catamaran party for hundreds of guests, we can make it happen. Our experience and variety of options allow us to offer you a nautical experience that fits your wishes and budget.

Start your Adventure in the Sea!

In short, the nautical world offers a wide range of experiences, from the thrill of recreational yacht renting to the versatility of catamaran events and the unparalleled luxury of luxury yachts. Each of these options has its own charm and appeal, and the sea is waiting to be explored by you.

So what are you waiting for? Your next sailing adventure is just a step away. Whatever your choice, whether it’s chartering a boat for a relaxing excursion, organising a spectacular event on a catamaran or experiencing the luxury of a high-end yacht, the ocean is ready to become the backdrop of your dreams. Set sail into a world of exciting possibilities on the water and create memories that will last a lifetime!


  • 1. ¿Necesito experiencia previa para alquilar un barco recreativo?

    No, no necesitas experiencia previa. Muchas de nuestras embarcaciones de alquiler recreativo incluyen patrón y tripulación, lo que significa que puedes relajarte y disfrutar del viaje mientras nuestros expertos se encargan de la navegación.

  • 2. ¿Puedo llevar a cabo eventos personalizados en los catamaranes?

    ¡Absolutamente! Los catamaranes son ideales para la organización de eventos personalizados. Puedes personalizar la decoración, el menú, la música y más. Nuestro equipo está listo para ayudarte a crear un evento que se ajuste a tus gustos y preferencias.

  • 3. ¿Qué destinos puedo explorar con los Yates de Lujo?

    Los Yates de Lujo te brindan acceso a una amplia gama de destinos exclusivos en todo el mundo. Desde las aguas cristalinas del Caribe hasta las encantadoras costas del Mediterráneo, las posibilidades son casi infinitas. Contáctanos para discutir tus deseos específicos de destino.

  • 4. ¿Cuánto tiempo de antelación debo reservar?

    Se recomienda reservar con la mayor antelación posible, especialmente durante la temporada alta. Esto garantizará la disponibilidad de la embarcación de tu elección en la fecha deseada. Sin embargo, también aceptamos reservas de último minuto si hay disponibilidad.

  • 5. ¿Qué medidas de seguridad se toman a bordo?

    La seguridad de nuestros clientes es nuestra principal prioridad. Todas nuestras embarcaciones cumplen con estrictos estándares de seguridad. Además, contamos con tripulaciones altamente capacitadas y equipos de seguridad a bordo para garantizar una experiencia segura en el mar.

  • 6. ¿Puedo unirme a una excursión organizada si viajo solo?

    ¡Por supuesto! Nuestras excursiones y tours organizados están abiertos tanto a viajeros individuales como a grupos. Es una excelente manera de conocer a otros entusiastas del mar y compartir una experiencia única.

    Si tienes alguna otra pregunta o necesitas información adicional, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nuestro equipo. Estamos aquí para ayudarte a planificar la aventura náutica de tus sueños.


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